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About Us

Welcome to Historide! A place where vehicle owners and enthusiasts come to connect, find useful information, share their experiences and get inspired.

Historide is an online community where members share their passion for vehicles, post photos, videos, and links, participate in message boards and discussions, and more. 


We are dedicated to providing fun and friendly social features for our members. Your comments and feedback are helping to make Historide even better, and we truly appreciate them. Please keep sending your suggestions to

Site Rules

No offensive content


No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming or advertising


Admin decisions are final


Please be nice



  • What is a Historide?
    Historides are a collection of individual stories and photos about people and their love of cars. We hope that these stories will benefit the community through providing greater insight into the auto enthusiasts’ culture and inspire readers.
  • Will you publish my story too?
    Sure. If you have an interesting or inspiring story, send it our way. We’d like to read and share your stories with our community.
  • How can I add my story?
    You can submit your story and photos in the What’s Your Historide? page or e-mail it to Our editorial team will review your submission and will let you know if and when it’s going to get published.
  • I am not a good writer, can you help me write my story?"
    For sure. We can set up a 20 minute over-the-phone interview with you and one of our writers. They will conduct an interview and write the story for you. You just need to send us a few awesome pictures.
  • How can I contact Historide for support?
    Visit the Settings tab and then Contact Support. You can Email us directly from there at Share any feedback you have. We’re enthusiastic about our platform and every perspective helps us improve.
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