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After a 40 Year Hiatus, He’d Go to Jail for this Hot Rod

I’ve always been into hot rods. I grew up working on them myself: swapping motors, putting super chargers on ‘em, blowing up transmissions… I had 21 tickets in one year. I was only 17 then, if you did that now you’d go to jail. Would I go to jail for this car? I’d do almost anything for this car! This is my 8th hot rod and the first car that I didn’t work on myself. The entire car was hand-built from the chassis up. Even the interior, even though it looks stock, it’s actually all hand-formed. It took four years start to finish.

I took a 40 year hiatus between the last car and this one. My son and I built my last car when he was in the 7th grade. I have pictures of him with his spiked hair sitting in a car that’s just been completely gutted. But the truth of the matter is, when he went off to college, I realized that part of the appeal was working on it with him. I found myself not working on it, not taking the car out as much, so I decided to sell it. I almost bought a Ferrari instead of this one. After I saw this car online, I drove up to San Francisco and I was the first one there when they opened. I sat in the Ferrari, and I wanted to want that Ferrari, but I couldn’t do it. I said to myself, “I’m going to have to buy Gucci shoes! And I’m going to have to change my whole personality just to match this car!”

I don’t drive it daily, but I’m not one of those who build it for show, you know, the trailer queens--I wanna feel the shifting gears, smell the oil and the gas, hear the engine, all that good stuff. I just drive it to enjoy it. If you’ve been a car guy, and you’ve worked on it, that kind of distinguishes me from some of the younger guys-- I’m old school. Cars if they’re in your blood, they’re always in your blood. You never get rid of it. I don’t care how old you are.

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