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Cruising into Retirement in a 50 Year Old Daily Driver (1969 Porsche 912)

Is there a feeling of history driving this car? I’m not sure, I’m 69 and I’m not sure if there’s any history to me! It’s a fifty year old car. I bought it from a private party in the neighborhood. This car came out when I was 19 and in the service. I didn’t know anything about cars back then, I was just a kid taking orders.

This was the last year they made the 912 in this series. The 912s went from ‘65 to ‘69. It’s a five-speed. It has the the fourteen inch fuchs. It has a bigger tire base on there, gives you more of a comfortable ride with more tire. The color is Brick Red, which is from the 80s. Porsche made it from ‘83-’85. The car is all stock, the only modification we made was the luggage rack, which we use all the time. We travel everywhere with this car. It’s my daily driver! The wife drives it, I drive it--the dog doesn’t drive it though.

I’m not a racer--I’m a cruiser.

I don’t play golf, so I go to car shows about every weekend--San Diego, Monterrey. I love driving this car. Other people love it too. The older guys really like it. They love these older Porsches because they’re Porsche guys. You know a lot of the newer ones, they’re nice. I have a couple buddies that have the GT3s and all of that. It’s a different type of car. It handles differently, performance wise they’re about ten times better. But, I’m not a racer--I’m a cruiser. I try to keep a low profile, that’s just about how I deal with everything now that I’m retired. But there’s nothing like driving on the Pacific Coast Highway on a nice day in this car. That’s really living.

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