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Fast and Still Furious: The 2020 Supra That Made Childhood Dreams Come True

I've wanted this car ever since it came out. You wouldn’t believe the hype leading up to the launch of this car! I think it makes sense given the almost twenty-year hiatus between the fourth generation Supra and this new one.

I always wanted a 1994 Supra MK IV, but Toyota didn’t make that many of them. They are legendary in the tuner community for their overbuilt straight-six 2JZ-GTE engine which could be tuned to over 1,000 horsepower. As a result, those Supras from the 90s go for almost twice what their MSRP was back then, even adjusted for inflation. For the price, I decided that the 2020 was what I wanted.

I've always liked Toyota as a manufacturer. Most of my daily drivers have all been Toyotas. This is just all the best of Toyota and more. I love the power in this car-- it’s just raw, immediate power. With 335 horsepower, this thing flies from the slightest touch on the pedal, especially between 1st and 3rd gear. The thing that really blew me away was how deftly it handles corners.

What made me pull the trigger on this one was that I just loved the Supra concept bar none. I’ve always liked it ever since I was a little kid. When the Fast and Furious movies came out, my love for the Supra sky-rocketed. You can say what you want about that franchise, but you can’t deny how badass the Supra was driven by the main character. Now that the kids that grew up on these movies are adults with money in their pocket, everyone wants a ‘94 Supra.

This is just all the best of Toyota and more

When I was a kid I used to daydream about being able to drive this car--what it would feel like, the speed, the handling. You could say that I had pretty high expectations, but this car exceeds all expectations. I have friends that have the ’94 Supra though. When I get to drive their cars, even at a stock level without modifying it, I am so impressed by the genius of the Supra. This 2020 is even better than that! I can’t express how much fun I can have in this car. Just driving around town, not even on the track, you can feel the power.

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