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From Sheer Luck to History Buff: Finding a Forever Car in a Callaway Corvette

I’ve always wanted a car like this. In high school, my mom gave me her 1998 V6 Camaro and it was on. She had been into Thunderbirds and Firebirds throughout the 80s. When she was growing up, she always wanted to have a nice car to drive to school, so she gave me the experience that she never got to have. I grew from there into muscle cars and Camaros, even racing my Ford Lightning truck with my brother.

This is my first Callaway Corvette. I originally had a 2005 base Corvette and always wanted a wide-body. I didn't know anything about Callaway beforehand, I just liked the way it looked, the design of it, and, of course, the supercharger. The original owner had bought this as a coupe and converted it to a wide body. I eventually went to the shop to get some work done and while I was there I found out more history about this car from Pete Callaway. It was originally their prototype car for all their cars that now come as the C6 Callaway package. Coming from a base Corvette to a 650 horsepower Callaway Corvette, I was a little scared at first to be honest. It took a couple drives to get used to the sheer power. You have to make sure you know how to handle it before you fully take advantage of its performance.

I’ve always wanted a car like this. In high school, my mom gave me her 1998 V6 Camaro and it was on.

I'm working with Pete now for future add-ons to the car. I just recently added more carbon fiber to it, from the bottom front splitter to the side rocker panels, even the wheels have carbon fiber throughout the whole wheel. I definitely see the performance difference in the grip and the acceleration. It’s also been an amazing experience to work with Callaway and build a partnership to do the performance upgrades. I bought this for life, even more so now that I found out about the history of it. This is a car to keep forever.

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