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Going Off a Cliff in a Camaro: How American Engineering Saved His Life

I recently rode off a cliff in a 2014 ZL1 Camaro. The driver and I both walked away. We rolled six or seven times in a convertible with the top down. We had to dig our way out because we landed upside down when we stopped rolling. The drop was about 180 feet.

It amazed me that we survived that. We hadn’t been doing anything reckless. There was a little gravel on the road when we were making a left hand turn at about 35mph. We went around the curve and hit the rocks and there was nothing stopping us from sliding. We slid a little bit, hit the dirt on the side of the road, and went over from there. That was about five months ago and I’m still a little shaky, but you can't keep me off the track. The next weekend after the accident I was on a road course driving.

My grandpa and my uncle were both into American cars, particularly Chevy. It runs in the family.

I do a lot of track days on the weekends. I've done autocross, road course, time trials—pretty much everything you can do. I'm a driver instructor now. In the past six weeks, I've been at different tracks all over Southern California driving and coaching. Right now I'm competing in AmericanMuscle club racing, which is a small series featuring all American powered vehicles. You can drive a Nissan with a Chevy motor in it and in any other combinations. As long as it’s got American engineering on the inside it can run in that class.

My grandpa and my uncle were both into American cars, particularly Chevy. It runs in the family. My brother got a Mustang as soon as he got his license. So when it was my turn, I had to get a Camaro. My grandfather passed away suddenly on my 16th birthday. His ‘67 Corvette was eventually passed down to me. Since then I've always had Camaros and it was a Camaro that saved my life. There’s nothing that could keep me out of a car to be honest, not even an accident like that. If I’m not out there driving, it’s because I’m not standing here anymore.

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