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Grounded at the Grande Giro: What One Man Will Do for the Love of a Lamborghini

In 2013, I was in Italy for the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini, an event called the “Grande Giro”. It consisted of a 4.5 km long convoy of hundreds of Lamborghinis, with all the different models from over the years, touring through Italy. Lamborghinis from all over the world flocked down to Italy for the week-long event. I didn’t take mine, but I was a copilot with a friend of mine in his. Through an error of one of the stewards at the event, we were sent down the wrong road while we were trying to get down a mountain. By the time we figured out that there was a mistake, we were trying to get back on the road to catch up with the rest of the group. All of a sudden, some police officers pulled us over and said that we were racing or speeding or something like that, which wasn’t really true.

One of the police officers that pulled us over told us that the other guy with him was actually the chief of police in that region. He was just not happy with the whole situation, all of these cars being in that area and was making an example of us, essentially. He told us, “Tomorrow they'll release the car and you'll be fine”. However, it actually took about four and a half years to get the car back. The legal system in Italy is very interesting, a bit bloated you might say. There was another car that got impounded with us, a guy from the UK who actually owns a small independent shop that caters to Lamborghinis. He had actually built that car from the ground up and just finished it two weeks before the event. Both of those didn’t see the light of day for over 4 years. While it was not a good situation to be in, it's something that we still talk about to this day and created a lot of long lasting friendships.

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