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Like Father, Like Son: A Teenager’s Perspective on a Dream Lamborghini

My dad got this 2016 Lamborghini Huracán Spyder about 5 or 6 months ago and it’s really like a dream come true. Everything about this car is insanely cool. Sitting in it, even in the passenger seat is like something from a movie. Lamborghini just really does it for me. The way they look is a lot more sharp and sleek than anything else. Everything about the look of it, from the Le Mans Blue paint to the red interior with black accents, just thrills something inside of me. And that’s just when it’s parked--riding in it is even better.

The last few months have been a blast. My dad and I go on drives every Saturday and Sunday now with our group. When we’re zipping in and out of traffic, I have this feeling of adrenaline I’ve never felt anywhere else. It's like everything around you disappears--it's just you on the road. Your heart starts racing and you just feel a part of everything. It's the greatest feeling; the most fun I’ve ever had.

Ever since I was a kid I've been surrounded by cars. I had car toys, car games, car movies, car everything. My dad and I used to go to car shows when I was a little kid and I remember falling in love with this whole world. When I’m old enough to drive I want a Nissan 370Z. It's easy to mod and it looks amazing. When I’m older I’m definitely interested in going to college for mechanical engineering. The idea that I could work in the industry and really live this lifestyle would be a dream come true.

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