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Not Just “A Girl Sitting On A Car”, Women Kicking Ass in the Automotive Industry

I never wanted a supercar as an investment. I always I knew I was going to drive the hell out of it. This is my first supercar, my first R8. I’ve put 40,000 miles on it. I run a car rally called goldRush Rally. Every year we choose eight to nine different cities to drive across, anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 miles. I love driving through the middle of the country, the smaller cities and towns, where they don't see cars like this. We pull up, open the doors, and let everybody enjoy them, put them on display. A lot of these exotic car owners don't drive their cars. So we find the ones that actually put miles on them, actually drive them, then we cater an entire event for them to drive across the country.

My grandma would dress up like a man to go out and work on the cars with the guys.

I watched Iron Man when I was younger and it was my dream to drive this car, especially being a woman. There's not too many women that own cars like this.

I grew up around race tracks, but I learned about cars from the women in my family. Back in the day, women weren't allowed at the race track or to even be around cars. My grandma would dress up like a man to go out and work on the cars with the guys. Even today, when you're in your 20s and you're a girl around cars, you get stereotyped that you're there for one reason. You have to present yourself a certain way, you have to have a thick skin, or you'll get eaten alive. My favorite thing, though, is to sit on my car. I’ll do it on purpose, just so that I can tell whoever it is that thinks I’m just “a girl sitting on a car” that it’s my car. Women in the car industry always have great stories. I just want to tell women, that if you want to do something, go after it. Chase what you love, do what you love. Don't pick a job where you're just doing it to get paid. A lot of women are scared to go in this industry and they don't need to be, you can kick ass.

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