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Paging Ferris Bueller: A Lamborghini and a Son Named Enzo

I’ve always loved cars, but being Italian, I always dreamed of owning a Lamborghini. This is my third and I’m looking to get a fourth. I've always liked the shape of a Lamborghini better, the lines are a little bit more detailed, a little harder. I’ve worked most of my life step by step to own one of these cars, starting from a two-door Honda Prelude. I love these cars so much I even named my son Enzo!

Enzo is already into cars, but he's a Ferrari fan. Sometimes I bring him to a cars and coffee, but when I do he always wants to wear his Ferrari shirt. I keep telling him, “You can't get out of a Lamborghini with a Ferrari shirt on!” One time he even refused to come to a car meets over a stand-off about that damn Ferrari shirt. So we have a little struggle going on right now, but we'll see how it goes. Despite my best efforts, he is going to be a Ferrari person for sure.

I know how it is with teenagers though. I really got the bug for sports cars when I would secretly drive my dad’s Porsche. He would often go to Cabo for vacation and leave me at home by myself. So naturally I would get in his Carrera, drop the top down, go pick up my friends and cruise in that Porsche for the weekend.

I was always worried that he would catch me but he never did. At one point, I couldn't figure out how to put gas in it! Then I was worried about the miles. Like Ferris Bueller, at one point I even considered trying to “reverse” the miles off the car. I think I’m going to avoid running into that situation with my son by getting him a starter Ferrari for his 16th birthday, maybe a 430. Still, I don’t know how responsible he’d be with a car that fast--I certainly wasn’t!

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