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Putting a Booster Seat in the McLaren: A Passion for Exotics Runs in the Family

I’ve had this one about two months now, so it’s fairly new and still has the thrill of a new car. I had a Porsche GT3 before this. I’ve had an Aston Martin. And I had a Ferrari before that. I got into cars the same as any other boy, you just get excited about the speed and the look of it. Finally I got to the point where I was able to buy a Ferrari. I started with that and then moved onto different cars, kinda figured I’d try them all. My next one will be hopefully a Lamborghini, but we’ll see. Every car that I’ve had I’ve kept it for about a year, except for the GT3 which I kept for 3 years because I was racing with that one. Usually a year is the mark when I start looking for the next thrill.

I grew up in Iran and the car culture was a lot different there. Back then, the culture was that you had a car and you tried to modify it to make into a sports car. That’s what I grew up with, but I’ve lived most of my life here, the majority of it. I think car culture runs in my family. My dad was pretty into cars, but didn’t take the plunge into exotics in the way that I did. My daughter’s pretty into cars right now. She’s only four years old but she knows the difference between a Ferrari, a Porsche, a McLaren, and a Mercedes. She’s got a booster seat in the McLaren so I can take her to events. She watches Formula 1 with me. She’s a little car enthusiast in the making.

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