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Quiet Man, Loud Car: This Aventador SV Speaks for Itself

This is a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce Roadster. 750 horsepower, a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder engine. It's a beast of a car, an Italian thoroughbred. The smoothness, the lines, everything about this car is just amazing. My buddy Sal actually owns this car, but he’s not much for talking. We met many years ago when I was a service writer for BMW. It’s rare, but in that job sometimes you develop relationships with clients that become sort of like your family--Sal and his wife are people like that for me. We’re really close, so much so that I asked Sal to be my son’s godfather. The shared bond of car enthusiasm is really that powerful.

Lamborghini is kind of in a class of its own. I mean, you have super-cars and then you have Lamborghinis.

I’ve always been the odd duck in my friend group for being so into cars. Apart from Sal, I don’t have that many people that I can share this passion with, but I'm slowly introducing car culture to the rest of my family. I’ve got two young boys who I’d love to see get into cars. That’s how it started with me--my dad bought his first Dodge Viper when I was in the fifth grade. I was so intoxicated by it then and it has just stayed with me. My dad still has three Vipers at home, and I actually own a 2017 Viper myself.

Even if my passion for cars doesn’t transfer to my sons, I would still want them to appreciate the hard work and success that it takes to own these kinds of cars. It’s one thing to like nice things or even appreciate cars aesthetically, but it’s another thing to really respect a car as a measure of someone’s achievement. I’d love to own an exotic like this one day; it gives me something to work toward.

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