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Shooting Flames, Outrunning Helicopters: An Inside Look into Project Dragon

This car started off as a 2014 991.1 Turbo S, that we did a complete conversion on. I wanted the power of a Turbo, but I wanted it to look like an RS. This project actually started 15 months prior to the GT2 RS’s and the GT3 RS’s coming out. Everything’s changed underneath the car, all the inner ducting, the A/C lines, the radiators, everything had to be flipped around in order to fit this car.

This is the first Porsche that I’ve done this much modification to.

As for the exterior, we started off with the front bumper it’s a 991.2 GT3 cup front bumper, we’ve got some custom carbon fiber fenders with the carbon flares. We’ve got carbon fiber Forgeline wheels, 20 by 10 in the front and 20 by 12 in the rear. We did a roll harness bar from BBi Auto Sport. We did a GT2 RS top grill, GT2 RS uprights, GT3 RS wing with the end caps as well. In the rear we have an RS bumper, with some cut outs made for the intercoolers and then I’m running an OEM GT3 muffler as an exhaust system with a tuned intake. It’s about 600 horsepower to the wheels, plus about 700 horsepower to the flywheel. I have OEM cup suspension in the front and we’ve widened the track a little bit, about 10 mm.

This is the first Porsche that I’ve done this much modification to. There’s a lot of work that’s done underneath that people don’t see. They call this car Project Dragon, because it shoots flames. It’s kind of taken on its own persona. I wrapped the car green. It was originally white and I’ll probably change it back soon. They always see the green Porsche, next thing you know cops are following me off the freeway. I go into a gas station, come outside and I’m surrounded by CHP, with two helicopters circling around overhead. They got reports of a Porsche doing very high speeds on the freeway. Of course, there were other Porsches on the road so I can’t determine if it was my Porsche or not…

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