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The 4th Generation Family Business that Spawned this 991 Turbo S

This car has been attracting a lot of attention. It’s a 2014 Porsche 991 Turbo S. It has a fully built motor by EvoSpec in Arizona. Rods, pistons—everything was upgraded. The turbo kit was done by Evolution Motorsports here in Los Angeles. It's got BorgWarner turbos, an upgraded fuel system, and a Syvecs standalone ECU. This car makes roughly 1,000 horsepower to the wheels.

In my professional life, I own CSF Cooling. We did all the cooling products for this car: three all aluminum radiators in the front—left, right and center—as well as, two high performance intercoolers in the back.

I'm actually a fourth generation owner of my company. We've been around since the 1940s, starting from a small shop in India with my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my two great-uncles. It gradually grew from there to the Indian domestic market. When my father came to the United States to go to university at Long Beach State, he started bringing the radiators over here and distributing them. About 11 years ago after I graduated college, I started the high performance division where we began making the all aluminum radiators, inner coolers, oil coolers, and other components.

I’m honored to carry on my great-grandfather’s legacy. I don't hear very often about family-owned companies that have continued into the fourth generation. I just got married two weeks ago and when I start my family, I hope my son or daughter will want to get into the family business. At the very least, they’ll be playing with Porsches.

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