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Trophy Truck Racer Rediscovers a Love for German Engineering and Canyon Runs

My background is in off road trucks. I’ve been racing trophy trucks off road for a number of years. Driving a Porsche is just worlds apart from off-road racing. A car is so calculated and you have to stay right on the line, whereas desert trucks have so much more wheel travel. A race truck will hit a little over 140 miles an hour, but in the dirt that is probably 280 in a sports car. Everything in the dirt is just happens really fast: you're jumping, you're in the air, you're flying.

This is a new era in the history of cars for me. I’ve just always owned trucks, never really owned a car. For a while I had a 1971 Nova with a supercharged LS3 in it. It was fast in a straight line, but it didn’t have the same handling capability. Even though I was in the truck world, I was still always looking at cars, particularly Porsches: 911s, GT3s, Turbos. Recently we bought my wife a Cayenne and I fell even more in love with the Porsche brand. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a 911. Then I stumbled across this 991.2 GTS and that was it for me. Shortly after I picked up a 1990 911 C4, which was my dream car back when I graduated high school in ‘91.

I’m learning to love how amazing these cars can be. First of all, you can just go on a drive right out of your garage! It takes a lot more work to bring a truck off-roading in the desert. We have a lot of cool little canyon runs around here that are amazing to drive. Whether you have a Subaru STI or a Ferrari 488 GTB or a Porsche GT2 RS, it doesn’t matter. Out in the canyon you can really rip them around. If I had to pick between cars and trucks, I would say that you just can't compare the two. They are worlds apart, but they're both a blast.

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